County budget ‘in line’ at mid-year

Published 12:13 am Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Despite glitches with its current software system that make it challenging to generate accurate reports, the county seems to be living within its budget.

Commission Chairman Bill Godwin led a workshop session Monday in which commissioners and department heads reviewed the fiscal year budget at the half-way point for this year.

Godwin said the county hopes to have a new software system in place by the end of the year.

“Some days, Karen (Sowell, county administrator) can come in here at 10 and run a report, and an hour later, it will give a totally different report,” he said. “But Karen has worked really hard to keep up with the accounts.”

He asked each department head who is over budget in a line item to work with Sowell to make money is moved from another budget line item to cover the expense.

“For mid-year, we’re in pretty good shape,” he said after the meeting. “The department heads have been working with Karen on a regular basis.”

He said the budget includes $98,000 for the reserve fund, which has not been touched, and that sales tax collections are about par.

“Overall, feel pretty good about the status,” he said.