Building for a championship

Published 12:05 am Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Bobcats have made playoff runs the past two season, and look to continue that in 2016.

The Bobcats have made playoff runs the past two season, and look to continue that in 2016.

The Opp Bobcats have earned playoff berths in each of head coach Brent Hill’s two years at the helm, and will look to build off that success heading into the 2016 season.

“I’m really proud of where our ones are at this point,” Hill said. “Now we just have to start closing the gap with twos and threes.”

In spring training, Hill said the main thing is looking for is effort.

“I’m looking for who is out there giving it everything they have,” Hill said. “I saw some big plays and some big hits out here today.”

Hill said the play of the offense has to continue to improve and that they need to become better at blocking on the perimeter.

“I though the offense looked good today,” Hill said. “Orlando Lacey had a great day throwing the ball. With the exception of that one interception, he was pretty spot on all day.”

Hill said that Lacey’s continued growth and maturity in the game is impressive.

“When you have a guy like Orlando, that is so good, but yet he continues to improve everyday,” Hill said. “He hasn’t even come close to hitting his ceiling yet. He continues to improve all the time, and that is impressive.”

Another player that caught Hill’s eyes was Hennis Washington.

“Hennis really came out and did what we know he can do,” Hill said. “He showed out out there. I think he might have gotten a step or two faster this year, which could be scary”

On the defensive side the ball, Hill said he liked some things he saw, but that the Bobcats still have to work on wrapping up the ball carrier.

“The defensive line and the linebackers really got after today,” Hill said. “They did a great flying to ball and stopping the run. We just have to work on wrapping up on our tackles. We can’t just fly in with a shoulder and expect them to go down.”

Hill said the biggest thing the Bobcats need to work on is the confidence of the younger players.

“We have to work on our depth,” Hill said. “I’m happy with where our number ones are at, but we have to build up the confidence of out twos and threes.”

Hill said the Bobcats will spend the summer getting bigger, faster and strong in the weight room.