Coach Camp offered at Blue Lake this weekend

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Coaches and there families from all around are encouraged to attend the 6th annual Coaching Camp held at Blue Lake.

The camp is Christian camp that is put on by Jimmy Reeves and Blue Lake.

“Coming into our sixth year and you can really tell how much it has grown since the beginning,” Reeves said. “We started out with just a few families and now we have nearly 30 families that come out each year.”

Reeves said that the camp offers coaches and their families to spend time worshipping, hanging out and making connections with other coaches’ families.

“It’s just a really cool experience,” Reeves said. “It’s three days of no distractions, no TVs, no radios and no newspapers. Just worship services and a lot of recreational activities for the families.”

Reeves said that he got the idea of the camp after he and his girls went to a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp in North Carolina.

“When I was a young coach, I went this FCA camp in North Carolina and it really changed my life,” Reeves said. “It was such an amazing experience that me and my girls went back for 16 straight years. Then I got to thinking I wanted to do something like that around here and make it a little more affordable.”

The cost of the camp is around $500 for the average size family, and that covers lodging, food and activities for three days. With the help of the community and local business, Reeves said they are able to help pay a good portion of the fees for most of the coaches.

All though they target coaches, Reeves said that anyone can come out and join in on the fun.

Reeves said that the Blue Lake staff does an excellent job overseeing the camp.

For more information on the camp, contact Blue Lake at 222-5407, or Reeves at 504-1070.