Published 1:06 am Thursday, June 2, 2016

Above: Brad Robertson, William Worley, Everette Thompson, and Keara Rudolph.

Above: Brad Robertson, William Worley, Everette Thompson, and Keara Rudolph.

FBC Youth ministering to local kids

To the youngest residents of Pineview and West Haven, Mission Andalusia may seem like a week-long field-day type of event.

But First Baptist Church youth minister William Worley hopes members of his youth group accomplish much more.

“If just one person can see the love of Christ through us, we’ve done a good job,” he said.

 Brooke Mancil and Jayda Cofield.

Brooke Mancil and Jayda Cofield.

Worley, who graduated from Straughn and earned a degree in exercise science from Troy, is new on the job. “A whole month and a half,” he smiled.

Jeremy Boyd, who’s participated in Mission Andalusia for at least the past five years, explained that the week has several components. Youth meet for breakfast at First Baptist, and make a plan for the day. Then participants split up and go to Pineview and West Haven, where they organize outdoor games, offer an art activity, serve a snack and have story time.

“We are out here to spread the word of Jesus,” Boyd said. “We correlate our activities with a story. Like (Tuesday), the craft activity was putting glitter on a fish. The story was about the disciples attempting to catch fish, and Jesus sending them back to cast for fish again. Even the snacks included “fish” – in the form of crackers.

After a morning in the heat, the youth return to the church for lunch, and do a mission in the afternoon. On Tuesday, they prepared bags for shut-ins. On Wednesday, the bags were delivered.

And Boyd said he gets as much out of the annual event as the children to whom he and his fellow church members are ministering.

“I enjoy this as much as they do,” he said, adding that he usually sees the kids from Mission Andalusia at the pool, where he works summers as a lifeguard, and in other places around town.

Everette Thompson explained that the FBC Youth mission is clear.

Tatiyanah Jones, 7, and Kalyric Byrd, 6

Tatiyanah Jones, 7, and Kalyric Byrd, 6

“We are helping kids learn about Christ, and have fun doing it,” he said.

Brad Robertson, 10, said he playing games is his favorite part of the week, but Keara Rudolph proudly recounted Wednesday morning’s message.

“Faith means believing you can do something,” she said.