Dealers: Airbag recall fixes available locally

Published 1:02 am Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 1.8 million vehicles to replace defective Takata passenger-side and front airbags.

This is just the latest in the automotive world’s massive airbag recall that has affected millions of vehicles in the U.S., including nearly two-dozen brands of vehicles.

The airbag issue encompasses malfunctioning inflator and propellant devices that could deploy incorrectly in light of a crash.

Early estimates are that some 34 million vehicles will be affected in the United States and another 7 million worldwide.

Ford and Chrysler have been sending notices in the mail informing customers of a recall on faulty driver or passenger side airbags in models ranging from 2004-2011.

Andalusia Ford said that there isn’t a big problem in this area with Ford vehicles. They said the only models in this area are Ford Mustangs and a few Ford Rangers from 2005-2011.

Most Fords bought in this area didn’t come from a manufacturer that uses the faulty airbags from Japanese supplier Takata Corp., Andalusia Ford officials said.

Chrysler, on the other hand, has been majorly affected by the recall, with all Dodge models from 2004-2011 falling under the recall.

“We have seen quite a few come in so far,” Massey Automotive service advisor Penny Kimbril said. “It’s hard to tell how many more we will see, but I’m sure we will see more.”

Don’t fret if your vehicle is on the recall list, Kimbril said that the service department at Massey Automotive will change out the faulty airbags in about 30 minutes.

If you haven’t received a letter in the mail but are still wondering if your car might be included simply call Massey Automotive or Andalusia Ford with your VIN to find out.

Other Fords that might fall into the recall category are the 2007-11 Ford Edge and the 2006-11 Ford Fusion. Lincoln MKX from 2007-10, 2006-11 Lincoln MKZ and the Mercury Milan are also included in the recall.