Agreement reached at mill

Published 3:05 am Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The city of Opp and B&B Recycling have reached an agreement to clean up the property at the Micolas Mill.

The city of Opp and B&B Recycling have reached an agreement to clean up the property at the Micolas Mill.

More than two years after “questionable burning” was stopped at a cotton mill in Opp, the city and property owners reached an agreement.

In April 2015, Mayor John Bartholomew said that the city tried many different steps to get the former Micolas Mill property cleaned up, but failed.

Earlier this month, the City of Opp and B&B recycling made an agreement.

The agreement is as follows:

• B&B Recycling has promised to begin cleanup of the old Micolas Mill property within 30 days of the judgment. They shall remove all debris, junk, loose concrete, trash, and material, including, but not limited to, loose bricks, loose concrete and all loose foreign material. Cleanup is required to be completed by July 31.

• B&B Recycling is required to remove all concrete slabs/foundations by Sept. 30. They are not required to remove any metal building structures existing on the property. However, if they do choose to remove them, they must remove them properly and leave no debris on the property.

• B&B must immediately pay the property taxes due on the property so that the property is not sold for taxes.

• The City of Opp has agreed that if city permits are necessary for the cleanup or removal of any debris and or concrete foundation, the city of Opp will provide permits to the defendants and will not hinder B&B from the lawful cleanup of the property in attempt to prevent them from missing the deadlines in the judgment.

• The judgment also states that B&B’s failure to abide by the terms will allow the city to file a motion to reinstate the case for appropriate action.

“Our attorney Rainer Cotter and B&B Recycling, based in Oklahoma have reached an agreement on cleaning up the company’s property, which is the old mill site,” Bartholomew said. “This will leave that property clean and the mess that residents around it have had to endure will be gone. I regret that this situation left our residents around the old mill to have to endure looking at that mess, the fires and such. At no time, when they first started the demolition, did I think it would be left as it is now.”

Circuit Judge Ben Bowden signed the order on June 14.