Brundidge seeks city council seat

Published 12:35 am Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Holley Brundidge has announced her candidacy for District 2 city council in Opp.

Brundidge is running on a campaign of change.

Holly Brundidge

Holly Brundidge

“I want what is best for the city of Opp and District 2,” she said.

Brundidge currently works for the U.S. Postal Service and holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology from Troy University, which she feels can help her lead Opp in the right direction.

“I feel this education gives me the heads up because sociology is the study of society’s problems as a whole and this city has some problems,” she said. “I don’t have to quote numbers to folks because we all know city spending must stop on frivolous things, the cost of living must be cheaper, especially utility rates and we need more jobs.”

Brundidge said before the city can see positive changes, residents and elected officials must get to the core of the problems, which she said is division among the town’s residents.

“The major problem in Opp is Opp people can’t or won’t get along and work together,” she said. “You have these so-called social elite that seem to think they are more superior than the average everyday working class.”

Brundidge said that’s not what Opp has been known for.

“In the past, Opp was known as a hard-working community with every household thriving, but presently the average everyday hard-working people, the retired, the disabled are struggling to survive in Opp.”

Brundidge said she believes that less spending and more aggressive solicitation of business would better serve the residents of the City of Opportunity.

Additionally, Brundidge said she wants to address issues in the school system she said people have turned blind eye to.

“These same social elite that do not work well with the average, everyday citizen also do the same in our schools,” she said. “They look out for family and friends and have a buddy system going on – forget the majority of our children and make it comfortable for their kids. Our children are our future. We cannot look over them. They are our future workforce. Every kid will not go away to college and only visit on holidays.”

Brundidge said while she does not always agree with the school system on certain issues, she supports the school system because she is passionate about making sure local children have the best experiences while they are in the city of Opp and Opp City Schools.

“I am proud to be an Opp Bobcat,” she said. “I guess you can say I bleed black and gold, but I am also an advocate for children’s rights and needs as well as the residents of District 2.”

Better quality of life is something that Brundidge would like to work to see more of in city.

“This issue is near and dear to my heart,” she said. “We need more positive things for our children, youth, young adults to do with their time. Opp have very little to offer our young people and as our future, we must provide for them. Our youth need us, and we need to be able to provide for them.”

Brundidge said being a mother of five children has exposed her to the problems local youth face.

Brundidge and her husband, Malcolm, spent many years volunteering with Opp Parks and Recreation, helping with all sports.

“All kids matter,” she said. “They are our future.”

Brundidge said she believes that another key to success in Opp is getting people to work in all areas of the city who care about Opp and want the city to prosper.

Brundidge said she would not be afraid to speak up for the residents in District 2.

“People of District 2, if you want someone who is not scared to speak up and who values every resident’s opinion, and who will work for the betterment of our community, I humbly ask for your vote and support in August,” Brundidge said. “Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes down to decision-making, I consider all factors but no one not even my family can sway my vote when the people have spoken and I feel what needs to be done.”

Brundidge said she will stand up for the average, everyday working person because she is one. She also said she is open-minded enough to work with anyone, while being strong-willed enough to fight for what District 2 wants and needs.