Town hall relocation for River Falls?

Published 1:08 am Friday, July 8, 2016


The River Falls council is exploring relocating its town hall.

Mayor Patricia Gunter asked the council to consider meeting her at the Guy house on Covington Avenue next to the post office to see if it would be a feasible option to relocate town hall.

The discussion came on the heels of the town council discussing a recent Alabama Municipal Insurance Corp. inspection that issued some requirements for the current town hall property to ensure the town clerk’s safety.

As a temporary fix, town clerk MaryAnn Andrews asked for chime to be installed on the front door and for a door with a lock to be placed to block her off from the kitchen.

“What happens if what they recommended isn’t done,” councilwoman Mattie Freeney said.

Gunter said she wasn’t sure.

Councilman Richard Bowden said he was looking for a permanent fix, not a temporary one.

The goals of the requirements were to allow for Andrews to have an exit that didn’t require her to exit through a common area in the event she needed to protect herself.

Andrews also serves as the municipal court clerk.

The Guy house would put town hall in a populated area of town.

Town hall currently sits off of Highway 84 a decent way from the main road.

Gunter said she already knows the home would have to be made ADA compliant.

Gunter said that the police department would likely occupy the entirety of the office space in city hall.

It was also discussed that the current common room could be rented out or opened for events at the park.

Freeney suggested that each council member make a list of pros and cons once they had visited the property as well as get input from constituents in their respective districts.

A price was not discussed for the potential property.