Opp council votes no on rezoning of land

Published 2:13 am Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Opp City Council on Monday night agreed with the planning board to deny a request from a local resident to rezone his property.

The property, which is 36 acres, is located on West Cumming Avenue and it was requested that it be changed from a R-1 to open space.

According to city planner Jason Bryan, the property is located adjacent to an area that is shifted from residential to non-residential uses.

“The city landfill is to the east, vacant land is to the south, a farm is to the west and the north is a subdivision that has not been developed. The applicant wishes to use the land as a farm,” Bryan said.

“The planning board recommended that it stay R-1,” Mayor John Bartholomew said.

Changing the property to open space would mean that the owner could put chicken house or essentially anything he wished on the property.

Councilmember Mike Booth suggested that the city request that residents seeking changes to zoning give more detail about their plans so that the council could make a better informed decision.

The planning board recommended 2-1, with one abstention to leave it as an R-1.

The city council voted 4-1 to leave it. Councilmembers TD Morgan, Booth, Mary Brundidge and Arlin Davis voted in favor of the recommendation. Councilmember Bobby Ray Owens voted against.