Verizon store to give away 125 backpacks next Saturday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 23, 2016

The local Verizon store is giving away 125 backpacks to local children at the end of the month.

Kendall Morris of A Wireless said the event will be July 30.

“Bring your kid and we’ll give you a backpack with school supplies,” he said.

Morris said the store had already committed 25 backpacks to coach Richard Robertson’s summer program through the annual School Rocks Backpack Giveaway.

Any leftover backpacks will be donated to local schools.

A Wireless hopes that this program will help alleviate the average cost of $97.74 on school supplies that the average person with children spends each school year on these supplies.

With more than 16 million in the U.S. living in poverty, A Wireless hopes to give some relief to some of the families.

“When given the opportunity, doing good is important, and taking such opportunities to help, lift up and encourage others is a privilege,” said Bryan Bevin, president and CEO of A Wireless. “At A Wireless we don’t just want to be doers of good, we want to inspire a culture of good.”