Balof’s K9 Academy back in business

Published 11:36 pm Friday, July 29, 2016

Tabitha Balof and her friend, Lesly, train a dog recently.  Courtesy photo

Tabitha Balof and her friend, Lesly, train a dog recently.
Courtesy photo

There’s an old, familiar face in town in the dog training business these days.

Tabitha Balof, who 10 years ago, had a dog training business here, but who moved to Tennessee with her husband, Clay, is back.

“We have just been back a few months,” she said.

Balof, who lost her husband since the move, said they do mostly obedience training for the dogs.

Her business is called Balof’s K9 Academy and is located on Farrell Road in River Falls.

“We house train them,” she said.

Depending on the dog, it can take from two to three weeks to upward of eight weeks.

“We also do cadaver work and search and rescue,” she said. “We’ve been training for almost 30 years.”

While in Tennessee, they worked at a dog training academy.

“Clay, my husband, trained dogs here before, but we have been gone for 10 years,” she said. “After I lost him, I moved back here and re-opened my business.”

She’s currently accepting dogs to train.

“Folks can call me and we can talk about the training,” she said. “Any dog can be trained for obedience. But if they are interested in search and rescue and protection, they have to be tested out. Not all dogs can do that.”

Balof said she also helps people who want to purchase a dog.

“We train Monday through Friday,” she said. “On Saturday, I meet with clients.”

She said she works with law enforcement and search and rescue.

“We don’t do tracking anymore,” she said. “Summer is always busy for me, and some people put dogs in training rather than boarding them.”

She said she also gets busy around the holidays, fall break and other times.

“We book up in those in advance,” she said.

For more info, call 731-613-5146.