Recognizing greatness

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lynn Shreve will be among the Bulldog greats that will be inducted into the Andalusia High School Bulldog Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 13 at Andalusia High School.

Lynn Shreve was standout athlete at Andalusia High School.

Lynn Shreve was standout athlete at Andalusia High School.

“It’s very rewarding and humbling at the same time,” Shreve said about being inducted in to the HOF. “It’s ironic that the ’73 team is also going in this year, because that is the group that I started with as a sophomore.”

Shreve was a three-year starter for the Bulldogs from 1973-1975 and he never experienced a regular season loss.

“We never really knew what it was like to lose a game, unless it was the last game of the season,” Shreve said. “The excitement of the playoffs was incredible. Win and you keep going lose and you go home. We did a lot of winning back then and we all enjoyed that. The winning atmosphere that was around the school and the town was the most memorable thing about high school.”

As a sophomore, Shreve started on a team that was loaded with talented seniors.

“I had to transfer from a mouse to man quickly,” Shreve said. “I was playing with the big boys. Just being associated with that group is pretty awesome.”

Shreve’s sophomore year the Bulldogs finished as runner-up after falling to John Carroll High School in the state championship game.

“One of the most memorable games I played in was the state championship game against John Carroll,” Shreve said. “It was pretty exciting playing at Legion Field. As a 15 year old, just walking on that field was impressive to me.”

Shreve earned All-Conference honors his sophomore year as a defensive end.

“I started out playing defensive end my sophomore year, but that was the only year I played there,” Shreve said. “I played quarterback my junior year and then defensive back and tight end my senior year. I guess you could call me a utility player. It was kind of funny when I played defensive back, because I was the second biggest guy on the team at the time. The two positions I enjoyed the most was tight end and defensive back. I played tight end in college and wanted to play defense, but they never gave me a chance to do that.”

The honors for Shreve didn’t stop after his sophomore year. His junior year playing quarterback Shreve was named to the All-Conference team, High School All-American and Class 3A second-team All-State team. His senior year playing tight end Shreve picked up All-Conference honors, Class 3A first-team All-State, second-team Super All-State, High School All-American, Most Versatile and Team Captain Award.

Even with all the honors and awards, Shreve made sure that his education continued to be successful.

“The most important thing in high school, regardless of what sport I played, was education,” Shreve said. “Education was the most important component. The discipline associated with both taught me a lot. Had to make sure to play hard and study hard.”

Shreve said his most memorable game came when they knocked off Enterprise on a last second two-point conversion.

“I was a part of play that won that game,” Shreve said. “We were kicking the extra-point to tie the game and I just faintly heard our holder yell ‘Wildfire’, which was what he would say on a bobbled snap and he was going to try to pass it. I released off the line and I he put the ball right on me. All I had to do from there was take a few steps into the end zone. I honestly never saw him throw the ball. It was a great win for our program and it meant a lot to us. That was probably the highlight of my high school career.”

One game that a lot people remember when Shreve was at Andalusia was against Opp in 1975. Shreve caught two touchdown passes, a two-point conversion, returned and interception for a touchdown, had eight solo tackles, five assisted tackles and punted four times for an average of 51 yards. The Montgomery Advertiser named Shreve Lineman of the Week for his efforts.

While at Andalusia, Shreve picked up 11 varsity letters in football, baseball, basketball and track.

Shreve earned a scholarship to Livingston University (now University of West Alabama) where he was a three-year starter and a four-year letterman.

“College was a completely different monster,” Shreve said. “The jump from high school to college is about equal to the jump from college to the NFL. The game changes a lot. The guys up there are bigger, faster and meaner. It was a whole other level of maturity.”

Shreve graduated from Livingston in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and physics.

Shreve said he looking forward to seeing his former teammates at Saturday night’s induction ceremony.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing all the guys on that ’73 team that come,” Shreve said. “I haven’t seen a lot of these guys since graduation. It will be great to see those guys again. It’s just such an honor to be included in this group.”

Shreve’s uncle, Don Ganus, is also in the Bulldog Hall of Fame, which makes the moment all the more special for Shreve.

“I want to recognize my uncle Don Ganus,” Shreve said. “He taught me a lot and it’s pretty neat to share this honor with him. It’s nice to keep it in the family.”

Family is one thing that Shreve said he could have never done this without.

“I owe all of this to my mother, father and even my brothers,” Shreve said. “They came to all of my high school games. They never missed a road game in high school and they didn’t miss many of them in college. Their guidance and love is what shaped me.”

The Andalusia High School Quarterback Club will holds its Seventh Annual Andalusia High School Football Hall of Fame Banquet and Installation Ceremony at 6:30 p.m. on Sat., Aug. 13.

The 2016 honorees are Steve Posey, Grady Smith, Lynn Shreve, Gwin Burkett, and the 1973 Bulldog Football Team.

The event will be in the Andalusia High School Volleyball Gymnasium. Tickets are $25 each and available at Jones Veterinary Hospital, Southern Independent Bank, Three Notch Pawn and Gun Shop, and from Jody Jackson (334-488-7802).