Writer just wants to hear herself sing

Published 12:01 am Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dear editor,

I wanna say I went downtown Saturday night with my brother and Delouise to where they play the music. I wanted to sing two or three songs so much, but the music was so loud I could not hear me sing the song, “Your Cheating Heart.” It was so loud so why don’t they play music to where you can hear yourself sing the songs?

You see, Marvin Williford wasn’t t here and this is the one I wanted to see sing. I came home at 8:30. I can sing. I wanted this so much. Bit I can sing these songs, maybe without music so people will know this. I would like to try this again without music. Someone is very important to me to hear this and one other song. “I walk the line.”

Barbara Sue Dennis