ON THE PROWL: Straughn ready to start season

Published 12:05 am Thursday, August 18, 2016

Straughn’s football players and coaches are chomping at the bit to start the season, and they will get to satisfy a piece of that hunger on Friday night when they match up with Red Level on Friday night in Straughn for a preseason contest.

“We are ready to get the season started,” Straughn head coach Chris Wilson said. “The players and coaches are ready to hit someone that’s wearing a different color jersey.”

Preseason action means tuning up before the regular-season gets going, Wilson said.

“It will be good to see some live action,” Wilson said. “You can’t simulate game speed in practice. There is just no substitute for actually getting out there and playing.”

Last year, the weather kept Straughn from having a preseason game.

“Last year our preseason game was rained out,” Wilson said. “I think that kind of hurt us getting started. I think the biggest improvements come between that first and second game. You have a chance to really see what you need to work on, and we didn’t get a chance on that last year.”

Wilson said that on Friday night he just wants to see his guys compete.

“I just want them to go out and compete,” Wilson said. “Making sure they where they need to be. Just going out there and doing the little things right. Then we can go back on the film and see what the things are that we need some work on. We want to see who is getting it done and is excited to be out there playing.”

Wilson said that the Tigers wouldn’t show everything they have on Friday night.

“We might do a some option stuff with our quarterback,” Wilson said. “He has pretty good speed and has really done a good job. I think we might be able to pass a little bit better than people think this year. We’ve had some receivers step up, and we will be looking to see what exactly we are going to be able to do.”

Friday night’s game will begin at