Woman who has been blind for 19 years has vision restored

Published 1:23 am Thursday, August 18, 2016


Miracles do happen – just ask Covington County’s Wanda Scroggins.

Scroggins lost her eyesight 19 years ago, but over the weekend something miraculous happened.

“I can see out of my dead eye,” she said. “This eye has not been surgically done.”

Scroggins said she can read and see colors and she’s not supposed to be doing it.

“It has already been a fabulous miracle,” she said.

Her vision isn’t 100 percent, but for someone who hasn’t seen in 19 years, she was jubilant.

“I was reading Friday night and saw “Skyy Vo_ _ ka, on the vodka bottle,” she said.

It’s a glorious time for Scroggins, who has had a trying summer.

“I got hit in the head by a projectile and it struck my left temple,” she said. “My head had been killing me.”

About a week-and-a-half later, she said she had a stroke.

She was diagnosed with TIA, or mini strokes.

“I couldn’t talk, lift my arms, legs or walk,” she said.

For four days, she said she lived off of protein bars and sat in a recliner in her kitchen.

She said she went to see Dr. Sadik Yesil, a local neurologist, where she had a bunch of tests and was diagnosed with TIA.

“I’m not supposed to be here,” she said. “I’ve had many, many strokes in my past.”

Recently, Scroggins went in to have cataract surgery on her right eye, which is not her “dead eye.”

Her sight returned to her dead eye, first in the form of green.

“All I could see was the most beautiful primary Crayola green,” she said. “It has been 19 years since I saw green.”

Fast forward and Scroggins said she was hanging out at her home with her friend Rachel Taylor, where they were listening to the TV.

“The green calmed down and I started picking up images,” she said. “My brain saw it. I told Rachel I was seeing a little TV and then I perfectly described it to her.”

For the first time she saw her kitchen, which she said is painted grapico, and she saw the checks in her curtains and the cloth pattern on her table cloth.

Scroggins said she is so excited.

On Wednesday, she went back to see the Dr. William Bennett to have her gauze patches taken off and found that she can also see out of her right eye.

“It’s definitely not 20-20, but together my eyes are working great,” she said. “I have no words.”