This ‘child’ appreciates efforts of village

Published 9:47 am Saturday, August 20, 2016

With all the negativity being broadcast, I would like to highlight the positives in our diverse community that contributed to my learning, experiences, influences that shaped me from a child into a woman. I would like to give homage to the many people that contributed to the “village” of our community.

I would like to first give thanks to The Ultimate Teacher, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, to Him I give Honor.

To Red Level High School’s: Mr. Purnell, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Sims. You challenged the status quo; pushed Civil Rights to the forefront; and it is here that I fell in love with science and math. In memory of Mrs. Sharpe’s class, I could go to foreign countries, dive under water, and debate with the best of them. It is here I embraced writing, Edgar Allen Poe, and the limitlessness of the power of words. To Mr. Parker, who could forget you? Your encouragement was determined, perservering, driven. For Coaches Samson and Kelly, I remember the pep talks, bus rides, games, and the fist pump.

To you guys , yhank you.

To George at Sonic Drive-In, I didn’t get to wear the skates out at night; but I enjoyed my first official job. This is for those like you, who took a chance when I didn’t have any experience and only a job permit. It was culturally and financially rewarding. I enjoyed the language lessons, cultural food samples, and your humor. I even came back after college to work with you in Crestview.

At Upward Bound, Mr. Bridges Anderson impressed the need for diversified and respectful experiences. Upward Bound stressed success was not limited by race, gender, socioeconomic status, or longitude/latitude of your location; glass ceilings were shattered, the sky was never a stopping point, and education was not optional.

To the morning crew at Big and Little (Sun Valley), thank you for the cheers, laughter, hugs, advice and teachings. No, I still do not want to try mountain oysters. Mrs. Weathers, I always enjoy the grandbaby pictures. Pjoe, your smile is so radiant; it lights up the room. To the rest of the guys, you know who you are.

To you guys, thank you.

Lastly to you ladies at New Pilgrim, Cohassett, and Holy Tabernacle, you are awesome. To Ms. Charity, Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Margaret, Ms. Gandy, the positivity, prayer, and rawness was always appreciated. To the Ryces, Carters, Sims, Balls, Dexters, Whitakers, and Crawfords, Sunday breakfast/dinners/holidays were more than food; it was hospitality, family experiences, and moments that could never be captured only remembered with fondness.

I believe it truly takes a village to raise a child. I applaud you and grant you a standing ovation.

From your student,

Evelyn Ryce