Sellers inducted into health care HOF

Published 12:38 am Friday, August 26, 2016

Lloyd Sellers (right) was recently inducted into the Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame.  Courtesy photo

Lloyd Sellers (right) was recently inducted into the Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame.
Courtesy photo

Opp pharmacist Lloyd Sellers was honored Thursday by the Opp City Council. Mayor John Bartholomew signed a proclamation honoring Sellers for his contributions to the community.

He was recently selected as a member of the Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame.

Sellers graduated from the Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy after earning a bachelor’s degree from Georgia State College.

After an active military career he practiced as a pharmacy owner and pharmacist in Opp.

He has been involved actively in his community, serving in several capacities with the school system, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, and the Covington County Cancer Society.

He has received the Bowl of Hygeia, the Alabama Pharmacy Association’s highest award for his community service for which he was recognized nationally.

His most important contribution came prior to his pharmacy practice which was his service with the CDC in developing polio vaccine.

As a virologist he worked with Drs. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin. He performed numerous microbiologic analyses which later resulted in the development of the vaccines and worldwide reduction of polio, now controlled in all but two or three countries in the world.

As a pharmacy student, after leaving the CDC, and working with the Jefferson County Health department, he assembled a group of pharmacy students from Samford to work with the health department going into schools and administering oral polio vaccines to children. He continues to practice as a pharmacist in Opp.

Also honored were Donald M. Ball, William F. Bridgers, Anthony J. Brooklere, Larry Dixon, Frances Inez Ford, Ruth Harrell, Clifton Meador, Suzanne Oparil, Henry Buckland Peters, Clarence Langley Salter, Thomas Weatherford III, and Donald E. Williamson.