More enrolled at LBW this year

Published 2:27 am Tuesday, August 30, 2016


LBW Community College continues to show an increase in both numbers of students and the amount of credit hours they are taking this fall.

“To date, we are showing a slight increase in head count compared to the final numbers from last year,” said LBWCC President Dr. Herb Riedel. “Even though we show .8 percent increase right now, it may grow more once all dual enrollment students are entered.”

Enrollment for fall semester so far is 1,745 college-wide, compared to the final numbers from fall semester 2015 at 1,732.

“This year continues a trend over the last few years of slight, but continuous increases for fall semester,” said Riedel.

Also growing is the number of classes students are taking, he added.

“Showing a little more growth is the number of credit hours, which to date shows an increase of 1.5 percent compared to the final numbers from fall semester last year. This tells us that more students are taking a higher number of credit hours in a semester.”

Riedel said students are encouraged to take at least 15 hours each semester to stay on track to complete an associate degree in two years. To be considered full-time, students are required to carry at least 12 hours each semester.

So far this fall, there are 18,342 credit hours recorded, compared to the final fall semester numbers from 2015 at 17,082. This number may also increase as dual enrollment numbers are finalized.

“We are happy that an increasing number of students are realizing the value of LBW and taking advantage of the educational opportunities close to home.”

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