52 provisionals cast in Opp don’t change outcomes

Published 2:36 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It took about an hour for the Opp City Council to canvass election results after having to call for instructions to two different offices, but provisional ballots didn’t have an effect on any of the races.

First, City Clerk Connie Smith had to call the board of registrars office to check to see if a particular ballot was to be counted or not.

Then, Councilman Bobby Ray Owens told Mayor John Bartholomew he thought the entire city council must be present to canvass results.

Councilwoman Mary Brundidge was absent.

Bartholomew called the League of Municipalities and was told via speakerphone by counsel that only a quorum of the council was needed. Since there were four members present they were obeying the law, the attorney said.

Fifty-two provisional ballots were counted.

They included six each for John Bartholomew, Becky Bracke and Deborah Dean; four each for T.D. Morgan and Wayne Wood; one for Chad Jackson and four for Debbie King; two each for Charlotte Hunt and Jimmy Rogers; four for Mike Booth, two for Mickey Denault, five for Gary Strickland; two for LaVaughn Hines and one for Morris Smiley; and one for Skipper Spurlin.

A runoff for mayor, and Districts 1, 2 and 4 are set for Oct. 4. Elected winners are designated with a (W); candidates in the runoff with an (R).



Final totals are:


Becky Bracke: 672 (R);

John Bartholomew: 573 (R);

Deborah Dean: 512;

T.D. Morgan: 132;

Wayne Wood: 75;

Haywood Nawlin: 19; and

Mackey Watley: 7


For Council:

District 1:

Bobby Ray Owens: 155 (R);

Chad Jackson: 111 (R); and Debbie King: 77


District 2:

Charlotte Hunt: 159 (R);

Jimmy Rogers: 119 (R); and Holley Brundidge: 67


District 3:

Gary Strickland: 223 (W);

Mike Booth: 134;

Mickey Denault: 56


District 4:

LaVaughn Hines: 107 (R);

Mary Brundidge: 96 (R);

Mack Hines: 61;

Morris Smiley: 38;

Henry McCord: 20


District 5:

Skipper Spurlin: 308 (W);

Arlin Davis: 245