OPD to motorists: Slow down or else

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Opp Police Department has a word of warning to motorists on Perry Store Road: Slow down.

“We went out and conducted a speed survey on Perry Store road over the past two days,” Chief Mike McDonald said. “People are exceeding the speed limit and driving much too fast.”

McDonald said this is dangerous due to all the secondary streets and driveways that exit onto Perry Store Road.

“The motorists that are speeding endanger not only themselves but other motorists that are on the road way,” he said.

Assistant Chief Kevin Chance said that the posted speed limit on Perry Store Road is 25 mph between Burger King and Maloy Street. It increases to 35 mph east of Maloy to the bypass.

“Please be advised that we will do a traffic detail and utilize both moving and stationary radar on Perry Store Road over the next several days in order to get motorists to comply with the speed limits.”