Opp to rebid L&N Depot renovation

Published 12:46 am Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Opp’s proposed L&N Depot project will be rebid.

The Opp City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday to allow City Planner Jason Bryan to advertise for bids.

Bryan told the council that there is a possibility that the bids could be higher than the original ones.

Council members Bobby Ray Owens, TD Morgan and Mary Brundidge all want the depot to be kept as close to original as possible.

The trio voted to reject the more than $800,000 bid from Wyatt Sasser Construction in August.

“We need to keep it as close to original as possible,” Owens said.

He said the original depot did not have a bar or kitchenette in it.

“The people of Opp want the depot,” Arlin Davis said. “I believe they want it bad enough, they will help pay for it.”

Morgan said he’d vote for it as long as the price was kept down to where the taxpayers didn’t have to pay an “arm and a leg.”

Brundidge said if the depot is kept basic, she’ll vote for it.

“A building that old, it will be hard to keep it original,” councilman Mike Booth said.

Davis told the other council members that sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.