Police chief: Be safe, think before rolling

Published 9:48 am Monday, September 12, 2016

Students got an early start on homecoming by rolling houses this weekend.  Jill Prevett/Star News

Students got an early start on homecoming by rolling houses this weekend.
Jill Prevett/Star News

Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson this morning issued several reminders about homecoming and its traditions.

1207-hudson-APD“With the excitement of a fun-filled week for students, teachers, and alumni, Andalusia PD wants to remind the those participating and those who work or do business in Andalusia of a few suggestions for us all to have a safe and successful homecoming week.

“The homecoming tradition of toilet papering lawns by students is done with the intention to share in a little fun and entice class rivalry. However, a homeowner who does not wish for anyone on his/her property has the right to file a formal complaint against anyone who is caught on his/her property. Please be cautious of what homes you choose to ‘roll.’ Please limit your fun to toilet papering only those homes that the homeowner/resident approves and do not go to the extreme of causing damage to one’s home or property.

“Students will be on the roads later in the evenings this week due to homecoming float preparation and activities. Please be aware of increased traffic on the city streets. Curfews will remain in effect. Students and adults please remember to not text and drive and continue to obey all traffic laws.

“Early dismissal will be scheduled on Fri., Sept. 16, so that all parents, students, teachers and fans can attend the Andalusia Homecoming Parade. Stay aware and alert for more drivers and students out that day. The homecoming parade is scheduled for Friday afternoon we will update with a time when determined by school officials.


“Finally, help us keep our city clean this week and help us to ensure that all visitors returning to their alma mater have a safe and enjoyable trip to Andalusia. We want their return to their high school and city to be better than the way they remembered it.

“Welcome back AHS Alumni, and Go Bulldogs!”