Thoughts shared for dealing with dementia

Published 1:11 am Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dear Editor,

I would like to share the following for all those who have dealt or are dealing with Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia in hopes that it will bring comfort.


If ever comes a day,

when my eyes do not see you.

remember, I am not gone, but

hidden just within a mist.

If ever comes a day,

I do not not seem to hear your

voice, remember, every word you

speak, lives in my heart and feeds

my soul.

If ever comes a day,

when you touch my hand,

and I do not seem to feel it,

remember, within me, I am hugging

you with all I am.

If ever a day comes that I cannot walk

with you,

remember those times when we traveled

near and far,

with laughter and joy.

If ever comes a day,

that no memory you share

seems to resonate,

remember, deep within,

down where I now dwell,

I remember everything,

every word, every gesture,

every memory,

I remember it all.

If ever comes a day, when

I seem to slip away and the

the light fades in my eyes.


I am not gone, I live and

my love will endure for you



Marsha Phillips