Local woman sponsoring deployed guard unit

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, September 21, 2016

By day, Connie Lawrence works at PowerSouth, but in her free time, she’s working in many ways to help give to those in need.

She’s an independent consultant for Initial Outfitters and it was that business venture that has given her a ministry that is impacting the lives of children and sometimes soldiers deployed overseas.

0921-connieLawrence said she sells lunch totes and backpacks and they go to feed and educate children.

For every lunch tote sold, a child is fed for a month. They also have a backpack program that sends food home to children who may go hungry over the weekend.

For Christmas, Lawrence has partnered with the 1670th Transportation Company, who are currently deployed to Camp Beurhing, Kuwait.

A few Covington County residents are involved in this deployment with the Clayton and Brantley national guard units.

Lawrence said there are 160 soldiers deployed with this unit and she looking to find sponsors to send the lunchboxes along with supplies to the soldiers this Christmas.

“Inside those little lunch totes, I put a note that says they who this was sponsored by,” she said.

Additionally, for each soldier a child will be fed for a month on their behalf.

Lawrence said she’s adopted two other units before.

“When it’s something like this, you are helping people who are from your area,” she said. “It makes it a bit more personal. I think that including the little note – I’m going to do them in red, navy and khaki and put an American flag on them.”

Lawrence said those who wish to help, the cost is $25 per soldier.

“That’s so we can get the lunch tote and buy things they want and need in bulk,” she said. “If they would rather donate some things the soldiers want, I’m trying to compile a list. Sometimes people would rather buy things of laundry detergent.”

Lawrence said she has 50+ plus commitments out of the 160.

“I’m trying to round up my collecting no later than mid-October,” she said. “So, I can mail it no later than Thanksgiving.”

Anyone interested in donating, may call connieqlawrence@gmail.com.