Sheriff’s office: Beware of scam

Published 12:28 am Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Covington County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents on a telephone scam in which offenders are posing as sheriff’s deputies or other employees of the sheriff’s office.

Chief Investigator Wesley Snodgrass said that the perpetrators are using Internet programs to change the number to where it shows up on caller ID as the Covington County Sheriff’s Office number.

“They are identifying themselves as Covington County Sheriff’s Office employees,” he said.

In each case, the caller said there is a warrant or complaint has been issued for the individual’s arrest.

Snodgrass said the caller then puts the person through to their pre-trial person to gain payment.

“We don’t take money over the phone,” he said. “Do not provide any personal information and do not provide any money.”