Roby, Bentley, Byrne back away from Trump

Published 1:00 am Monday, October 10, 2016

Two members of Alabama’s Congressional delegation and the governor, all of whom are Republicans, this weekend announced they would not vote for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) on Saturday released the following statement denouncing Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump’s behavior makes him unacceptable as a candidate for president, and I won’t vote for him.

“As disappointed as I’ve been with his antics throughout this campaign, I thought supporting the nominee was the best thing for our country and our party. Now, it is abundantly clear that the best thing for our country and our party is for Trump to step aside and allow a responsible, respectable Republican to lead the ticket.

“Hillary Clinton must not be president, but, with Trump leading the ticket, she will be.”

Throughout the Republican primary, Roby said she would support the eventual nominee. When Trump secured the nomination, she called on him to show a presidential temperament and embrace a return to Constitutional order.

Byrne said Trump was “not fit” to be president and could not beat Clinton.

“Donald Trump’s comments regarding women were disgraceful and appalling.” the statement said. “There are absolutely no circumstances under which it would ever be appropriate to speak of women in such a way.”

Roby’s denouncement of Trump came after a recording emerged Friday of Trump bragging about getting away with sexually assaulting women and craven attempts at adultery.

By midday Saturday, both U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Mobile, and Ala. Gov. Robert Bentley said they would not be voting for the Republican nominee. Dozens of Republican officials around the country also called on Trump to step down.

Bentley endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich for president last summer and in the lead-up to Alabama’s March 1 primary, but said after the primary he would support the nominee. Through his spokeswoman, Yasamie August, Bentley said Saturday his plans had changed.

“I certainly won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, but I cannot and will not vote for Donald Trump,” he said in a statement.