Opp family needs assistance with child’s medical expenses

Published 2:29 am Thursday, October 13, 2016

Doctors’ visits and doctors’ bills have taken a toll on the Matt family of Opp, who is now using a GoFundMe account to help deal with their financial stress.

1013-lillyLilly Matt, an Opp Elementary School student, is battling a variety of health issues ranging from hydronephrosis, a brain tumor and severe headaches.
Her mom, Brandy, said Wednesday that her daughter’s last appointment went well, but she needs to see the pediatric surgeon and neurologist due to her constant headaches.
“Her thyroid specialists have ordered a few blood tests and a hand X-ray,” Brandy said. “We are looking for her levels to be abnormal and to check bone development. We will have those results soon.”
Brandy said Lilly is currently examined by several different doctors, which means repeated trips to Pensacola.
Brandy said that due to infection, Lilly has missed five weeks of chemo due because her blood counts were low.
“She got her antibiotic today and we will be waiting for her levels next week, hoping she gets chemo then,” she said. “Every week that we get delayed makes me wonder what’s going to happen to her tumor and it adds more time at the end, which keeps extending. My biggest worry is what’s going to happen with the tumor because she’s missing so much.”
Brandy said an MRI last month showed the tumor hasn’t shrunk this time and doctors found a pocket of fluid on her spine.
Brandy said that thankfully, Lilly has Medicaid, but that travel to and from Pensacola has taken a toll on the family.
“We are struggling,” she said. “Any donation would be a blessing.”
To donate to the Matts, visit https://www.gofundme.com/88940o