4-Hers show animals at fair

Published 1:29 am Friday, October 14, 2016


Beth Thompson shows her rooster, Richard, to the judge during the 4-H chicken show.

Orrin Douglas, 10, won a blue ribbon at the Kiwanis Covington County Fair last night.

Douglas participated in the 4-H rabbit show before scooting out the door to his soccer match. His rabbit, Thalia, is one of three owned by his family, he said.

“I’ve had rabbits about since I was 7,” he said. “They’re mainly for holding and petting, and they’re very soft,” he said.

Rebecca Simon had two rabbits at the fair – Salt and Pepper. She chose to show Pepper.

Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson

“That one doesn’t like to be held as much,” she said, indicating the solid white Salt. For those interested in showing animals, she suggests spending time with the animal daily.

Daniel Estis, right, with his rabbit.

Daniel Estis, right, with his rabbit.

Daniel Estis recommends research before acquiring a rabbit. He showed a California/New Zealand Standard Buck in the rabbit show, and a rooster said to have successfully fought off a fox in the chicken show. He won two blue ribbons.

Straughn High School seventh grader Beth Thompson has participated in the chicken show for four years, and recently was named reserve champion at the National Peanut Festival.

Orrin Douglas

Orrin Douglas

“I actually have six I work with,” she said, adding that she showed Richard at the fair because he was the prettiest.

“He also has a son, Richard II, and a partner, Harriet. “

Simon, Estis and Thompson each won blue ribbons, too.

Local 4-H agent Catherine Estis explained that at larger shows, chicken owners wash their pets, oil their legs and beaks and work the feathers.

“Here, we look for how well the owners interact with the animals, how much they can talk about the rules, and make sure there are no mites or parasites on the chickens,” she said.

The livestock show also features cows, miniature horses, goats, piglets, ducks and a turkey.