How can Blackmon support Clinton?

Published 1:04 am Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lately I have been reading some of Nancy Blackmon’s commentaries. It seems as though a Democrat can do worse things than Donald Trump did, but it’s OK. Why doesn’t someone write in this newspaper the bad things that Bill Clinton did to women while he was president? How about what Hillary did to those women Bill was “associated” with? Don’t take my word for it. Ask the women he was involved with while governor of Arkansas and president of the United States. It seems as if you are a Democrat, you can get by with all kinds of things. No one ever talks about it. If a Republican does something it always makes the news. It is obvious who Ms. Blackmon is voting for, and that’s OK. This is a democracy, or is it? Four years under Hillary’s leading and we might be called the largest communist country in the world.

Obama has already turned this country into a welfare country in the eight years he has held office. We have over 92 million people on government assistance or welfare. We have a national debt of over $20 trillion. Obama has spent more money these eight years in office than all of the previous presidents put together since George Washington. One day China is going to call in our debt and we won’t be able to pay it back. If that’s not bad enough, Hillary wants a blank check where she can continue what Obama has been doing. She also wants open borders to Mexico, so millions can come over here and let the working Americans pay their (the Mexicans’) way. I do not like everything about Trump, but he has my vote.

I love my country. The morals of the country are such that everything America used to stand for is gone. Under the Obama administration, things have gotten so bad, you can hardly recognize it as America anymore. Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t even have dreamed we would see a man marry another man; a woman marry another woman Under this administration, babies have been aborted, legally; some of them paid by taxpayers’ dollars. Who would have ever thought that a man with children of his own would pass a law allowing boys to go into a girls’ bathroom, and girls go into a boys’ bathroom?

Ms. Blackmon claims that she prayed before writing her article about Donald Trump How can she support all the things Obama and Hillary stand for, and pray to God who hates these things? (Examples: homosexual marriages, abortion). The Bible speaks very clearly on these subjects.

As a Christian, I try to study both sides before an election. This is how to know what each candidate stands for. True, Donald Trump is not perfect; none of us is. Buy when you see what Hillary represents, and what Trump represents, how can anyone support her? I pray that God will intervene in this election and get this country back to him.

Larry Mullen