Opp Utilities employees to get 3% raise

Published 2:08 am Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Opp Utilities Board voted to give utilities department employees a raise Monday.

Utilities employees will receive the same 3 percent raise that city of Opp employees will receive.

Opp Mayor John Bartholomew said that the 3 percent raise passed by the Opp City Council was really designed for the whole city of Opp.

However, the proper procedure requires that the utilities board have their own meeting and approve the raises.

Bartholomew said they have budgeted the raising using revenue out of the general fund.

“We have done this every year I have been in office,” he said. “I believe it is something that’s so important.”

While Bartholomew said that 3 percent is certainly not a lot of money, he feels it helps offset the cost of living and other costs incurred by employees.

“This is the last thing we wanted to do in our administration,” he said. “It’s just one more good gesture for our employees.”