Resolution reached: Bedsole will still be chief

Published 2:14 am Wednesday, October 26, 2016

After a weekend of community members, local law enforcement and others expressing their disdain for the possibility of losing the current Florala police chief, an agreement has been reached.

Sonny Bedsole

Sonny Bedsole

On Friday, Florala Police Chief Sonny Bedsole told the Star-News that mayor-elect Terry Holley had met with him and advised him he would not be reappointing him as police chief when he took office on Nov. 7.

Bedsole said he would not quit. He also said that current police department members had other jobs lined up and there would be no police force after Nov. 7.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bedsole sent a press release to local media outlets saying that he met with Holley, current Florala Mayor Robert Williamson and retired Police Chief Lamar Mitchell, and they resolved the issues facing the department’s personnel and put it to rest.

“A discussion of the current staff at the police department were discussed and the main goal of everyone is what is best for the citizens of Florala,” Bedsole said. “Of utmost concern is the citizens’ safety and trust in the officers who are employed that represent the city of Florala. Some things were put out on social media that exploded and were uncalled for. Mr. Holley and I have worked together before, when Holley was principal at Florala High School, and we worked well together then. We will work well together now, along with the new council members.”

Bedsole has served a police chief for 7.5 years.