OES students talk Thanksgiving

Published 2:19 am Thursday, November 24, 2016

Every fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

The holiday commemorates the early settlers and their harvest feast.

While much is truly unknown about the first feast between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans in Plymouth in 1621, it’s a story that children have been taught for years in schools around the nation.

It’s been said that more than 100 people attended the feast, including colonists and Wampanoag Indians, and that they ate for three days.

Opp Elementary School kindergarten students recently learned about the first Thanksgiving feast.

Hank said that he learned that the Indians helped the Pilgrims.

He said he enjoyed the feast they enjoyed as well.

“We had rice dressing, ham, rolls and green beans,” he said.

Sherry said she enjoyed making Indian necklaces and hats and little place mats.

Hank said he enjoys dressing up as Indians.

“I’ve been an Indian here and at my old school,” he said.

Travis said he learned that the Pilgrims helped the Indians cook.

“They put fish on top of corn,” he said.

Delilah said she learned that the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to hunt.

Trenton said he enjoyed making an Indian headdress.

“We made patterns,” he said.

And in true Alabama fashion, the students chose orange and blue patterns if they were Auburn fans and red and white patterns if they were Bama fans.

Travis said they also watched a movie about a pilgrim family.

“They worked, played, at and then they went to sleep,” he said. “They got water from a pond.”

Delilah said they also drank from wooden cups and used wooden spoons to eat with.

Travis said they learned that Thanksgiving is about giving out thanks.