City of Opp appeals Labor decision

Published 2:25 am Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The city of Opp has appealed in Circuit Court a case involving the Alabama Department of Labor.

According to court documents, the city of Opp is appealing a decision from earlier this year by the Alabama Department of Labor, which denied the city’s application for leave to appeal the department’s award of unemployment benefits to former city inspector Wanda Summers.

In its appeal, the city maintains that Summers was terminated from the city based on misconduct involving disruptive and unprofessional behavior/communications in a local bank in front of bank customers and staff.

Court documents show that following her termination, Summers filed a claim for unemployment compensation with the department.

The city objected to Summers’ claim and the initial hearing officer disqualified Summers from receiving benefits.

She appealed and the hearing officer’s determination was overturned by an administrative hearing officer.

The city filed an appeal and the department’s board of appeals denied the city’s application for leave of appeal.

The city then filed an appeal in circuit court of Covington County.

In its suit, the city requests the court, disqualify Summers from receiving unemployment benefits and to enter judgment accordingly.

-Kendra Majors