County students recognize their heroes

Published 2:12 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

More than 325 2nd graders and more than 300 5th graders from Fleeta School, Pleasant Home School, Red Level Elementary, Straight Elementary, and WS Harlan Elementary gathered at Covington County School’s Central Office for separate ceremonies in which they recognized their heroes yesterday.

The ceremony marked the completion of 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program.

These students learned their roles in America’s future, thanks to an immersive experience in civic, character, financial literacy and social studies.


Honorees recognized by 2nd graders

Heroes recognized by Straughn Elementary School were:

  • Mr. Jeff Bailey, presented by Lane Ganous and Catherine Kime
  • Coach Phillip, presented by Lauri Glisson and Turner Walters.
  • Mrs. Wilma Sport, presented by Anslee Wallace and Blayne Evon
  • Mr. Junior Halford, presented by Olivia Griggs and Gentry Powell
  • Mrs. Oates, presented by Ashley Coleman and Sierra Wilkerson

Heroes recognized by Red Level Elementary were:

  • Ms. Melissa Ford, presented by Aron Scott (reader) and Xavier Crain
  • Mrs. Courtney Jacobs, presented by Caroline Supri and Hadley Etheridge
  • Mr. Larry Sims, presented by Wyatt Simmons and Aly Brooks
  • Mr. Don Herring, presented by Braiden Myers and Ascerryeawn Crittenden
  • John Ross Brunson, presented by Jazmyn Jordan and Barritton Cobb
  • Tami Cook, presented by Georgia Rhodes/ Nikko Bradberr

Heroes recognized by Pleasant Home School were:

  • Mrs. Joy Sowards, presented by Peyton Walden
  • Mr. Nichols, presented by Emma McClung and Lily Adams


Those honored by the fifth graders included:

  • Allen Watson
  • Lisa Clark
  • Sue King
  • Tammy Eaton
  • Joe Elmore Barnes
  • Christopher Lamont
  • Tony Stone
  • Samantha Gilmore
  • Gene Jackson
  • Derek Stewart
  • Stephanie Stuckey
Covington County second graders pose with their recognized heroes.

Covington County second graders pose with their recognized heroes.

The event and the donation of Super Citizen teaching kits was made possible by Covington County Community Alliance, Covington Electric Cooperative, Inc., Covington County Commission, Solon and Martha Dixon Foundation, ScreenTech, AlaTrade Foods and passionate community sponsors.