Students prep for interviews

Published 11:57 pm Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Last Thursday, Mrs. Jana Clark’s Family Studies I class participated in a mock interview, which allowed them to experience what an actual job interview will be like one day. Leading up to the mock interviews, the students learned how to complete a job application and developed personal resumes. The class learned the importance of being punctual, a firm hand shake, eye contact, professional dress, and being prepared for common (and uncommon) interview questions. Each student was interviewed and graded by one of Covington County’s community leaders listed below. The students were nervous, but once the experience was over, they mentioned that they really enjoyed it and were glad that they had the opportunity to participate in the mock interview.

Mrs. Clark would like to thank the following community leaders for serving as mock interviewers: Mr. Corey Bryan, lawyer; Mr. Casey Jones, owner of CJ’s Grill; Mr. Trip Jones, preacher at Central Church of Christ; Mr. Trippy McGuire, former district judge for Covington County; Mr. Ted Watson, Superintendent of Andalusia City Schools; Miss Emily Cain; human resources at Andalusia Manor; and Mrs. Mindy Day, co-owner of Guardian Angel Daycare. This experience would not have been possible without your support!