Conservationists name Holley senator of year

Published 12:29 am Friday, December 16, 2016

The Alabama Association of Conservation Districts (AACD) named State Sen. Jimmy Holley (R-Elba) as Alabama Senate Leader of the Year during a recent award ceremony held at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach. Sen. Holley received the award for his dedicated service to leadership, and assistance to all citizens for the wise use and conservation education of Alabama’s natural resources. Holley is currently serving his fifth term in the Alabama Senate, after serving five terms in the Alabama House of Representatives. He represents District 31 covering Coffee, Covington, Dale, and Pike Counties. He serves as Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee and is a member on the Rules, Transportation & Energy, Veterans & Military Affairs and the Finance Taxation and Education Committee (FT&E). FT&E funds education related services, including the K-12 Foundation and Higher Education programs. Sen. Holley has many accomplishments serving Alabama citizens.

He saw the challenges the farming community faced due to tough environmental regulations, which led to the passage of the Alabama Agriculture Conservation and Development Commission (AACDC).

The AACDC was created by the Alabama Legislature to assist landowners in performing and developing conservation practices.

Holley commented on three individuals that taught him important lessons in life and loved Alabama. The three individuals Sen. Holley referenced include Marion Sanders, Rob English and Martin Moates, who each left legacies in conservation and stewardship. “These are three great men that all wanted to leave the farm in better shape than they found it,” Holley said, “They showed me that without top soil, our Nation could not feed a growing population.

“I accept this award knowing full well what you and these men stand for,” Holley said.

AACD President Laslie Hall commended Sen. Holley for serving the citizens of Alabama for almost 40 years.

Bill Bailey, President Micky Smith, 1st Vice President Sue Gaines, Secretary/Treasurer Charles Butler, Area 1 Jimmy Jimmerson, Area 2 Diane McCool, Area 3 Jack Wadsworth, Area 4 Mike Birge, Area 5 Ronald Shumack, Area 6 @ConserveAlabama “Sen. Holley is a great one to have on your side,” said Hall. “We count on Sen. Holley a good deal in Montgomery and I’m very grateful for his support of our Association.”

AACD was organized in August, 1943 and is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization of the 67 Conservation Districts in Alabama. AACD’s mission is to provide aid and guidance in programs for water quality, the prevention and control of soil erosion and conservation of soil and water resources. The Association serves as a vehicle for unified action, exchange of information, and discussion. Conservation districts are local governments at work and their specific responsibility is management of soil and water resources. The idea behind their formation is to keep decision-making on soil and water conservation matters at the local level. For more information about our program please visit us at