LEOs remember ‘Lt. Price’

Published 12:38 am Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The local law enforcement community is mourning the loss of one of its brothers in blue.

Lt. Lance Price, 51, who most recently worked with the Florala Police Department, died Sunday.

Price was retired from the Alabama Beverage Control board.

Florala Police Chief Sonny Bedsole confirmed Price died as a result of a massive heart attack and that he was on duty at the time of his death in Florala.

“Our police department and community lost a great man in Lance Price,” Bedsole said. “He was well respected throughout the community and a great asset and mentor to our department. Our younger officers really looked up to him. He was a wonderful guy. Our mayor, council, we are all in shock. We are trying to move forward and do the best we can in the days ahead.”

Bedsole said that even criminals liked and respected Price because he was fair to everyone.

“He was hard, but he was fair,” Bedsole said.

Price came to Covington County from Tuscaloosa.

“During Lt. Price’s service with the ABC Board, he supported the Opp Police Department and served the citizens of Opp on numerous occasions,” OPD Chief Mike McDonald said. “He will be missed by both law enforcement officers and citizens alike. We offer our condolences to the Price family and the officers and staff of the Florala Police Department.”

Drug Task Force Agent Greg Jackson called Price “one of the best officers I knew.”

“He had great compassion for the citizens of our county,” Jackson said. “I will greatly miss him. He was a true friend.”

Price served on the E-911 board, as well.

Covington County Sheriff Dennis Meeks, who served on the board with Price, said it was an honor to be associated with him.

“He was a great asset to Covington County,” Meeks said. “I worked with him when he was with ABC board – ever since he’s been in Covington County. He was very well and respected law enforcement officer. He will be greatly missed.”

Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson said Lt. Price was a dedicated and devoted officer of the law, and a brother to his fellow officers. “Throughout the time I have known him, he has always shown us that departments working together can accomplish more than a working on their own,” Hudson said.

“From his time from the ABC Board to the Florala Police Department, he always remained a mentor to us all and he will be greatly missed.”

E-911 Board chairman Wayne Godwin said that Price joined the board in February 2013.

“Lance was a person I didn’t know well, but got to know him,” he said. “It hurt me to find out that he passed. We are surely going to miss you.”

District Attorney Walt Merrell said Price cared about his mission.

“Law enforcement was never just about the paycheck to him,” he said. “He pursued criminal wrongdoers with a two-fold passion: first, he wanted offenders brought to justice; and second, he wanted them brought to justice because he wanted them to right their own ship. In short, he cared about justice and he cared about people.”