Published 2:38 am Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The River Falls Council must decide what to do with the police department’s second canine.

River Falls Police Chief Cody Warren told the council Tuesday that former Chief Greg Jackson had one canine unit, and current Officer Kyle Adams has one.

The pair of K9s was purchased in 2015 after a lengthy discussion among members of the former administration.

“What are the future plans for (the K9 Jackson was handling?)” Warren asked. “I have worked with K9s in the past, and mine passed away. I don’t have an interest in working with them anymore.”

Warren said that other police departments had expressed interest in purchasing the K9, and there is also the option to donate the dog to the 22nd Judicial Drug Task Force, where Jackson is a narcotics agent.

Warren said Jackson could still work with the K9, if the council made that decision.

He told them that the K9 was currently being kenneled free of cost to the town, but they were still having to feed the dog.

Warren said that Adams was going by the kennel and working with her so she did not lose her training, but advised that the sooner they made a decision, the better.

Council member Richard Bowden made a motion to donate the dog to the Drug Task Force with the stipulation that the dog is to work with Jackson.

When asked if that was legal, Attorney William Alverson said that they should go into closed session to discuss that as part of pending litigation.

The council took no action on the dog.