Kids share holiday movie recs

Published 3:12 am Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas time is here and families can be found cuddled together on the couch enjoying a Christmas movie. Students from Andalusia Elementary School recently shared their favorite Christmas movies with The Star-News.

Trystin Bush said that his favorite Christmas movie is “The Night Before Christmas.”

“I just like to watch it because that’s what we always watch together,” Bush said. “It’s a fun movie to watch.”

Like Bush, Jaden Jackson said that the also picks the “The Night Before Christmas” as his favorite holiday movie.

“It’s just my favorite movie,” Jackson said. “Well, it’s my favorite Christmas movie.”

For Charlie Brown, his favorite movie to watch during Christmas is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“It’s a really funny movie,” Brown said. “I just like it because it is Halloweenie Christmas, and I think that’s cool.”

Gibson Craig said that he is a big fan of the Grinch.

“I love to watch ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas,’ ” Craig said. “I think it’s funny because he steals all of the Christmas presents because he doesn’t like Christmas. At the end, he kind of has a heart attack and then he loves Christmas.”

Emma Watson said she really likes watching Frosty.

“ ‘Frosty the Snowman,’ is my favorite Christmas movie,” Watson said. “I like that he is fun and they run around trying to keep him cold and the girl warm so Frosty can get to the North Pole.”

Isaack Harkins said that he enjoys watching “Chippy the Elf on the Shelf.”

“It’s really funny because the little elf is really funny,” Harkins said.