LET THERE BE LIGHT! Red Level company adds show to Candyland

Published 3:16 am Friday, December 23, 2016

Every week in December, a large truck filled with equipment has been parked on the Square while its owner spent about five hours setting up light shows for Candyland.

The lights are an added attraction for the venue this year, provided by a local company, Life Wire Productions.

“It’s been great for us,” said Michael Frank, who with his wife, Stacey, lives in Red Level. “This is usually a slow time of year for us, and we travel up to 1,000 miles to do shows. So it’s good to be home for Christmas.”

Frank said he lights the Rattlesnake Rodeo concerts every year, but that’s about the closest to home his work gets.

He got the business just by being interested in it.

“I started kind of like a roadie, pulling black boxes,” he said. “You can go to school for it, but most people learn by pulling black boxes.”

He worked for Lutz Productions in Opp for about 10 years.

“When Mr. Lutz got ready to retire, he sold us the company,” Frank said.

Frank said his advertising is extremely specialized, and much of his work comes from producers with whom he has previously worked, or who has heard about the company.

The Buffalo, N.Y., native has lived in the area since he was 10. His wife is originally from Atlanta.

“We love Andalusia and think it’s a great place to call home,’” he said.

The Franks also travel and sing with Fresh Annointing, do mission work, and he also works as a mechanic when he’s in town.

“I’m crazy about variety,” he said.