Students explain Santa’s diet

Published 2:01 am Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tonight children all across the world will leave Santa Claus milk and cookies.

But what does the Jolly Ole Elf eat throughout the year?

Students at Straughn Elementary School had their own ideas from some of their own favorites to living off of cookies and cakes all year long.

Sophie Pettus said she thought Santa ate a lot of the things she eats.

“He eats eggs, pizza and corn,” she said.

Evan Harrison echoed the pizza and eggs.

“I think he also loves chili,” he said. “And Cake!”

Ayden Kelley said Santa had to have bacon with his eggs and agreed that everyone loved pizza.

Sophie Geohagan said that Santa lives off of vanilla cakes, chocolate and Ramen noodles – also some of her favorites.

Tate Watson said that Santa loves cookies, drinks and milk throughout the year.

Clark Gay said Santa was all about eating chocolate cake with strawberries, milk and potatoes.

Taylor Adams said she thought Santa lives off of sweets.

“I think he’d eat a lot of sweets throughout the year,” she said.

Peyton Gunter didn’t think Santa changed his diet much.

“I like McNuggets,” he said. “I bet Santa eats those and cookies and ice cream.”

Ean Robbins said Santa loves chocolate all year long.

Hallie Goodman said she thought Santa eats cake all year long.