Catfish noodler makes top 10

Published 2:28 am Saturday, January 7, 2017

The YouTube sensation and LBWCC alum catfish noodler Hannah Barron made a top 10 list for the new year.
listed Barron as one of their “10 People of the Outdoors We’ll Be Following in 2017.”
“While she is most well-known for noodling, Hannah Barron is the poster child for country living,” the story said. “From deer hunting, hog hunting, and bowfishing, Barron has her hand in a little bit of everything (pun intended). While she’s not yet old enough to order a beer in a bar, there is a great potential for Barron to share the spotlight with figures like Eva Shockey and Kendall Jones.”
Barron said she was blessed to have made the list.
In June, the self-proclaimed tomboy’s noodling video went viral.
She posted a video with her and a 30-pound catfish on Instagram and Facebook and it went viral.
On one site the video got 15 million view and the other it got three or four million – in one week.
She can be found on Facebook at Hannah Barron Outdoors.