Time is running, dragging me with it

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Time marches on. The world keeps on spinning. Seasons come and the seasons go. Rivers flow to the sea.

Yep, here we are 10 days into another year. Time marched us right into January full speed ahead. We’ve already had tornadoes, the threat of an ice storm, a horrifying airport shooting and a flood of president-to-be tweets about important stuff like pre-inaugural dress sales in Washington D.C.

If the start is any indication of what is to come, hold on to your hats. 2017 is gonna be a roller coaster ride. Oh, and I’m getting too old for roller coasters. They make me nauseous.

This morning as I was pondering the passing of time and how good coffee tastes on a cold morning, I read a historical reminder of stuff that happened on this date in the past. The first one is what got me thinking about rivers flowing and seasons passing.

It’s been 53 years since the release of the first Beatles LP in the United States. That’s FIFTY THREE YEARS. That is more than half a hundred. That is enough years to make half a century.

It’s also been 71 years since the first United Nations meeting, 154 years since the world got a subway, which opened in England. Oh and Caesar crossed the Rubicon on this day in 49 BCE. You figure out how many years ago that was; my math ability sucks.

Since, I wasn’t alive for any of those events, I skipped right over them and went back to contemplating that it’s been more than 50 years since girls in America went nuts over a bunch of British guys with what, it turns out, wasn’t really terribly long hair. Made me feel like time isn’t marching. It’s flat out running and dragging me with it.

I wondered what some future person might write as a “This Day in History” occurrence looking back 154 years or ever how many years it’s been since that Caesar thing. What topics are trending that might become historical footnotes?

Well, the lights at the Washington Monument went out for a second time in about a week. Wonder if old George is trying to send America a message.

Oh and Starbucks is ending its “evenings” program and stopping the sale of after-work beer, wine and food plates. Surely, that will be recorded somewhere for posterity.

Big news, Twin Peaks might just be on the way back. Mark that for history.

There was also some other stuff like confirmation hearings, a big sink hole opening in Philly, Trump talking with a Chinese big shot and President Obama preparing for his final flight on Air Force One. You know “real” news items — if that kind of thing interests you or will interest anyone 100 years from now.

Well, there was one more trending topic, one more “on this day” item. I’m probably going to get in big trouble for mentioning it. In fact, I should possibly stop right now and find a new column topic. Save myself lots of grief and comments.

What the heck, fear of people saying stuff never stopped me. Besides, I remember when the Beatles’ LP hit the shelves; I’m old enough to say whatever is on my mind. People will be nice to a senior citizen, right. They will understand the tongue get looser as the body gets older.

Number two on the list of trending topics, and one sure to become part of our collective memory — on this day in history, the world read the headline – “Clemson Edges Alabama in National Championship Thriller.” Oh the horror. Oh the humanity. Oh, the lamenting in Tuscaloosa, even as some folks on the other side (Auburn Tigers) celebrate.

Yes, dear Lord. On this day, on January 10, 2017, Alabama is not the top football team in America. It is Clemson people — Clemson, a team Troy University almost defeated.

Hold on. What’s that? The lights on the Washington Monument just blinked off again…

Nancy Blackmon is a former newspaper editor and a yoga teacher.