Published 1:05 am Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Full Tummy Project of Covington County has come up with a golden idea to raise money to fight childhood hunger.

The group has painted a toilet gold and plans to move it wherever contributors would like for it to go. No pun intended.

0112-toilet-2“This is a fundraiser and awareness campaign,” Katie King said. “We’ll place the toilet in front of businesses or homes. In order to have it removed, all you have to do is donate to Full Tummy.”

The fundraiser began yesterday, when it was placed in front of Andalusia Dental Group.

For a $25 contribution, it will be removed. For a $50 contribution, it will be moved to a business or residence of the donor’s choice; and a $100 contribution ensures the golden throne won’t circle back around again.

“What we’ve done in the past was a corporate fund drive,” King said. “We thought this would be more fun, with a little minor prank. We got the idea from a group in Dothan that used it to raise money for childhood cancer. This just makes it a more visible way to spread the word about the project in our county.”

The Full Tummy Project discreetly provides a bag of food every Friday for children in grades K-6 at five elementary schools who are at risk for hunger over the weekend. At present, the group serves 240 children each week.

“Our budget is almost $30,000 per year right now, so funds are crucial for us to exist,” King said.

The Fully Tummy Project is a non-profit organization. To donate, or to have the golden potty moved, call Jenny Pate at 334-301-5894, or email covingtonfulltummies@gmail.com.