Another restaurant? Mayor details ‘hot prospect’ for bank buiding

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The City of Andalusia has a memorandum of understanding with what Mayor Earl Johnson calls “hot prospect” for the bottom floor of the First National Bank building.

Speaking to the Kiwanis Club on Monday, the mayor said that the prospect, a restaurant, “is not the kind of restaurant Big Mike’s is. But it will be successful and add to our Square. We hope to see something announced real soon.”

Two weeks ago, Johnson announced that the city had acquired the First National Bank building, also known as the Timmerman building, for $260,000. The Estep Foundation contributed 100,000 toward the purchase. The building was in abatement for safety issues, which the city expects to be able to correct for approximately $50,000 to $60,000. The issues include loose mortar and missing windows, among others. A safety fence has been in place for almost a year.

Johnson said Monday that city employees will do most of the necessary repairs to address the abatement issues.

The mayor said the new restaurant will fit well the variety currently in the downtown area.

“It will be an asset to people going to see a movie,” he said. “It is something that will appear to young and old folks.”

He also added that there are several other locations of this particular restaurant, and that they are primarily in South Alabama. The owner has been here three times, and the most recent visit was last week, he said.

The mayor also said that he has been contacted by developers interested in putting apartments in the upper floors of the building.