Company adopts ‘Southeast Gas’ as tradename

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Southeast Alabama Gas District on Monday began using a new tradename, Southeast Gas.

But nothing else is changing, Shannon Jackson

director of marketing and communications, said.

Jackson said the company’s legal name is not changing, but the new tradename works better for marketing.

“This allows us to position the company from a more regional standpoint when we’re out promoting this part of the state,” she said. “When we’re dealing with entities outside of the U.S., they need to be able to point to a general area on the map. That’s the idea behind it.”

Southeast Alabama Gas District is owned by 14 municipalities, each of which has equal representation on the company’s board of directors.

These cities, which formed SEAGD in 1952, work in cooperation to provide their communities with natural gas service and numerous opportunities for economic growth. SEAGD also provides natural gas service to 21 franchise communities.

Jackson said the company worked with internal and external focus groups before choosing its new tradename.

“We found that many people already referred to us as ‘Southeast Gas,’ ”Jackson said.

The company’s new name and logo reflect both their growing presence, and their 60 years of reliable natural gas service.

Southeast Gas President and CEO Greg Henderson said, “The natural gas industry is changing, but our commitment to service and community is not. The name Southeast Gas remains true to our hometown roots, while at the same time allowing us to approach regional markets with a more concise description of who we are.”

For legal purposes, the company’s legal name will remain The Southeast Alabama Gas District, and references to the company in all official documents will indicate the company’s full name.

As part of this transition, consumers will soon see a new logo. The company’s existing logo has been in place, with few modifications, since 2000. True to Southeast Gas’ natural gas business, the identifier will remain blue and include the company’s iconic blue flame.