Giving back to vets

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 26, 2017

Warren Maddox started Southeast Experience just as a way to post videos of his hunting trips, but now the non-profit organization has become a way for Maddox and his friends to give back to those that have served in the armed forces.

“I was in the Army and then I got really big into filming my own hunts,” Maddox said. “I got asked to film for a Wound Warrior hunt. Southeast Experience just started as a hobby. It was really just a place that I could post videos from my hunt.”

After a second time filming a hunt for veterans, Maddox thought it might be something he should pursue.

“I did that first hunt and then got asked to do another one,” Maddox said. “After that second hunt, something just clicked, and we knew it was something that we needed to do.”

Maddox said that organization depends all on the help of volunteers.

“We do these hunts all over the Southeast,” Maddox said. “I have staff members in five states, well I call them staff members, but they are really just volunteers. They help find land, guide services or have land that we can use. We figure out how much it will cost per person and then we figure out how many people we can take on the hunt.”

Maddox said that it is truly a blessing to be able to help out the veterans.

“It’s really a humbling experience being able to change someone’s life,” Maddox said. “It’s really just a way for us to give back to those who have served and give them some memories to share.”

Maddox said that they organization plans on hosting 12-15 veteran hunts in 2017.

The next hunt is a turkey shoot scheduled for March 31 through April 3.