L&N Depot restoration project under way

Published 1:07 am Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Work has begun on the L&N Depot restoration project in Opp.

City Planner Jason Bryan said Monday that the demo has begun.

“The doors and window restoration specialist is cleaning the first set,” he said. “The roofing material has been ordered and expected next month.”

The project is expected to costs $762,500, and Paul Catrett’s construction company is leading the restoration project.

In December, the city council voted unanimously to move forward with the project.

The city was awarded a $400,000 grant through the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) for the project.

The funding requires at 20 percent match from the City of Opp.

Plans for the restoration project calls for installing a new roof, adding a bathroom and a kitchenette.

Opp Mayor Becky Bracke is thrilled to get the project under way.

“We are real excited about it,” she said.

The council is also hopeful that residents and others will help chip in some contributions for the remaining balance the TAP doesn’t cover.

Bryan said the timeframe for completion is mid-summer.