LEOs see increase in Ice over meth labs lately

Published 12:32 am Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Drug Task Force agents, like many law enforcement agencies, aren’t seeing a dip in meth usage, but they are seeing a different way addicts are getting their fixes.

Drug Task Force Agent Greg Jackson said they are seeing less actual meth labs, but not a dip in the amount of meth on the streets.

Instead, agents are seeing a rise in ready-made crystal meth, which is also known as ice.

Ice is a highly purified form of meth that can be and usually is smoked, according to Narconon.

Law enforcement officials say that drug addicts can buy ice a lot cheaper than they can manufacture the illegal narcotic. Jackson said most ice originates in Mexico.

Meth made locally usually comes from shake and bake labs and is for personal use.

Shake and bake is also known as the one-pot method.

Using the one-pot method, a meth cook manufacturers meth in one sealed bottle.

One-pot methods became more prevalent over clandestine labs of a decade ago after pseudoephedrine laws were implemented several years ago.

Jackson said even that is changing and that they are seeing “a bunch more” ice in the county. The ever-changing means of users getting drugs, makes it more difficult for local law enforcement to track.

“We continue to receive information of methamphetamine in the Covington County area and will continue to fight these labs and attempt to make our community safer,” he said.

To report a methamphetamine lab or any other drug activity, call the DTF at 222-3532.