Murder at Rundown Abbey

Published 11:58 pm Friday, February 17, 2017

Red Level High School will hold its annual dinner theatre on March 3 in the Guy Mason Auditorium.

The performance will be “Murder at Rundown Abbey.”


“Sam Splayed, an American private eye in London, desperately needs a case he can sink his teeth into. Lucky for him, he quickly finds himself undercover as the new butler at the rambling ancestral home of the Crumbledown family. Alas, the Crumbledowns have been plagued with bad luck. Two of the three Crumbledown siblings have died, leaving only Percival, who was recently kicked in the head by a horse. He now suffers from intermittent amnesia. His wife, Pamela, keeps a stiff upper lip while his stepdaughters play a tug-of-war between tradition and the new ‘Roaring Twenties.’ Ruling over all is Lady Sybil Snodley-Snippett, a diva if there ever was one. Sam gets off to a rocky start as a servant, but soon his assistant Kitty bursts on the scene as a psychic who has been told by the dead butler that he was murdered by a poisoned dart. ‘Impossible!’ roars Sybil. But when the secretary of Percival’s lawyer meets the same end, the family’s stiff upper lips begin to quiver.”


Tickets are $15 and tables are available as well.

RSVP at, by Feb. 22.



Annie Pennywise – Ansley Russell

Reggie Snodley-Snippett – Bradyn Hall

Treadlightly – Caleb Jackson

Lady Pamela Crumbledown – Ivy Griggs

Lord Percival Crumbledown – Dylan Scruggs

Edith Hyde-Pinchley – Meredith Nall

Hortense Hyde-Pinchley – Beth Foshee

Lady Sybil Snodley-Snippett – Alex Sorrells

Sam Splayed – Will Shay

Kitty Katz – Emily Baker

Gus Grumbles – Ontaryo Nearor

Olive Green – Sydny Morrow

Murgatroyd – Beth Nutt

Harold Symington-Dimwitty – Evan Russell

Stage Manager – AJ Hudson

Lights/Sound – Johnathan Kyser, Taylor Wilkerson, Ethan Edson

Make-Up – Graysie Lee and Jayla Poindexter